“Providing A Warm Customer Experience “

Award Winning Manufacturer of superior-quality, eco-friendly, affordable, energy-efficient Infrared heating solutions for all environments

Here at Shenzhen Yandiya® Technology we understand the importance of manufacturing products that reflect our ethos, using the latest techniques in our manufacturing to produce the highest quality Infrared Heating Products in today’s market, using our experience in the field of innovation to create the most efficient Infrared heating solution.

We understand as a factory the importance of delivering low cost, low carbon, sustainable heating solutions, whilst maintaining the highest quality. Our innovative infrared heating products utilise Far Infrared technologies that delivers an energy efficient form of heating that surpasses traditional forms of heating used in today’s market. Our objectives are to be at the forefront of the de-carbonisation process implemented by government around the world, Shenzhen Yandiya® Technology brand will become known as the foremost leader in the drive to reduce carbon emission and reduce the effects of fuel poverty. With our strong network of companies and individuals representing our products it has enabled us to remain at the forefront of innovative and new technology in our specialized market place.

Our factory is dedicated to innovation and quality. We believe that by keeping this premise and maintaining a high level of customer service, we can achieve not only our business goals, but help our client to achieve theirs.