“Quality Engineering, Quality Products”

Yandiya® manufacture infrared heating panels to a patented formula and design, making them the most advance electrical heating system, by using Infrared and innovation.

Our engineering team have worked on way to reduce energy consumption whilst still maintaining the positive effects of our infrared panel coverage and performance, working closely with our consumable product manufactures and using the latest technology available, we have patent our panels to use not only heat monitoring safety switches, but energy saving regulars.

Our design encompasses the high safety level of our panels by using a simple but effective cut off switch if the panel overheats, it will use this switch to cut off power and reduce the temperature until such time as it reaches a level which the panel can switch itself back on, this is all done behind the scene and does not affect the performance of the panels.

Our innovation extends further, by using our own designed regular which is encompassed into the safety switch, which reduces the amount of resistance electricity needed to produce the require heat output and coverage expected from our panels. Insuring the low running cost is maintained throughout the life span of the infrared panels.

Whilst heat is generated using resistance electricity across a heat plate, we control the amount of resistance needed to achieve the output of a panel, using the latest technology and innovation.

Making Yandiya® Panels the most efficient infrared panels on the market and technology accredited and tested by independent certification companies, and test report confirming our technology works in reducing energy consumption whilst maintaining the integral properties of infrared heating.

thermal gun heater
TESTS PERFORMEDBased on General product information, full tests were performed on model IH-900G. 900 Watt
RATINGS230VAC, 50/60Hz, 450W, Class I Heaters operated at 1.24 times rated power input, all thermal controls operated during the test of Cl. 11 short-circuited simultaneously (IEC 60335-2-30) 1.24Å~450W=558W