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This calculator is configured to the performance levels of Yandiya panels & heaters.

It should not be used as a comparison to other calculators

Our performance calculations are based on extensive knowledge and multiple successful installs in numerous environments


Detached - select this if you aren't connected to any other properties
Semi-Detached - select this if you're connected to one other property or at the end of a terrace.
Terraced - select this if you're in the middle of two adjoining properties
Flat/Apartment - select this if you live in either a single or multi-storey block of flats/apartment
Other - select this for any other type of space to be heated, i.e outdoor/warehouse.



An Eco-house (or eco-home) is an environmentally low-impact home designed and built using materials and technology that reduces its carbon footprint, lowers its energy needs with higher than normal levels of thermal insulation.

New Build - Any property built, first occupied in its current state or significantly modernised, refurbished or altered within the last two years.

A+ Insulated - These properties represent the highest quality buildings in their market and area. They are generally newer properties built within the last 15 years with top amenities. 

A Insulated - These properties are one step down from Class A+ and are generally older (16-20 years), tend to have less insulation, no double glazing. 

A- Insulated - These properties are typically more than 20 years old and are generally in need of renovation, such as updating the building infrastructure to bring it up-to-date. 

Don't know - We will base our calculations on the worst-case insulated property (A- Insulated). This will provide an estimate that can more than likely be improved upon. 

square metres
cubic metres

Product range

Not ALL products are listed. There are many variations and options available to you that is beyond the scope of this calculator.
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