” Working, For You & Our Partners “

Award Winning Manufacturer of superior-quality, eco-friendly, affordable, energy-efficient Infrared heating solutions for all environments

“Shenzhen Yandiya® Technology business performance is going from strength to strength. Thanks to dramatic growth from our International operation, the Shenzhen Yandiya® Technology Group achieved significant gains in market share for infrared heating panels in the first half with the formation of new partnerships/joint ventures and distribution outlets.

This strong business performance stems from customers’ high regard for the Shenzhen Yandiya® Technology brand worldwide. As the driver of the unique infrared heating concept, Yandiya® offer heating at very high-quality which improve daily living and reduces the carbon footprint left behind by traditional heating systems, whilst improving the knowledge base and helping partners and distributors establish and their own individuality. Shenzhen Yandiya® Technology are winning more and more clients around the globe, who are attracted by the brand’s high quality and performance, attractive designs, reasonable prices, and rich range of material used and products supplied, and having the confidence that they are dealing directly with the manufacture.

In today’s world of fast-moving globalization and digitalization, people, things and information flow freely, unfettered by traditional frameworks such as nations, industries or corporations. Companies are entering a new era of information-centric operations and global competition. In these changing times, Shenzhen Yandiya® Technology has thought long and hard about what type of company we want to be, and what we must do to emerge a victor on this new competitive plane. We decided to create a new information-driven industrial global network of professionals to enhance the as standard operating and growth awareness of the Shenzhen Yandiya® Technology Brand of infrared heaters.

We launched the Yandiya® Group with the express intention of creating a global network. Two year on from the project’s launch, we are not only transforming our entire corporate processes, but are also seeking to change the very way in which our potential clients are informed of the superior quality and performance of Yandiya®’s infrared heating. We have created an extremely successful network that enables our factory based headquarters, regional partners and distributors to work closely with us as a unified organization, and to base that work on clearly visualized information. We still have a long way to go but the Yandiya® Group is really starting to bear fruit.

As we expand our global operations, we are also working hard to realize a more sustainable world. In the infrared heating-manufacturing process, we are working proactively on factory conditions, workers’ rights, environmental protection, our All-Product Recycling Initiative, the advancement of workers’ rights in the workplace, and the employment of people with disabilities.

Changing conception on heating. Changing conventional wisdom. Change the world. This corporate statement embodies our commitment to make the world a better place, and our determination to operate a business that prioritizes our customers and enriches our society.